Getting Small and Medium Size MNO’s on the LTE Path

Small and Medium size Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) have a commercial and operational challenge when launching 4G LTE network services largely due to the limited population, relatively small subscriber base, and the likelihood that these MNO’s just invested and rolled out 3G networks. Compounding these challenges is the uncertainty of whether subscribers will migrate to LTE based on affordability, local purchase power and on the overall strength of the economy of the small state itself.

Another challenge facing many MNO’s is limited in-house experience in regards to design and operation of these new networks. Of course outsourcing it to, or buying support from the vendors is an option but typically not a low budget affair either.

Cirrus Core Networks, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based LTE core infrastructure solutions are built around a cost effective, scalable, usage based, fast deployment model to address the challenges mentioned above.

All the core functions are virtualised, running on high grade, but standard server infrastructure and the required functions are activated and charged as required based on subscribers registering on the network.

CCN’s solution allows smaller MNO’s to get on the LTE train at a fast pace without the financial burden and uncertainty of service take up. In addition, the solution can run in parallel to existing LTE networks and carry different types of traffic originated from M2M or MVNO business or simply to scale existing deployments faster and more cost effectively.

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