Situational Analysis: This Use Case is for MVNOs wishing to move from a Branded Reseller/Skinny MVNO to a Thick MVNO in order to further differentiate its service (over and above price and affinity affiliation) from their host/wholesale MNO. In order to accomplish this, control of core network elements (i.e., HLR, IMS, Content Delivery) is required. However, MVNOs typically lack in-house network node engineering expertise and lack the ability to financially justify a large investment.


  • Branded Resellers/Skinny MVNOs that rely solely on the existing functionality of their host MNOs which can severely limit the ability for service differentiation.
  • MVNO looking to enhance their offering through service differentiation, which requires full access to the core network and IMS
  • Lack of highly complex core network systems which are required to really differentiate service.
  • Lack of in house network engineering and typically do not want to own network infrastructure.

CCN Solution:

  • The flexibly managed 3G/4G/5G packet core (with HLR/HSS), IMS (with VoLTE/VoWiFi), and content delivery (with music and movies) can be customized to meet the service differentiation requirements of any MVNO.

Bottom Line:

  • CCN’s MVNO/MVNE solution provides a low cost feature rich service for new or existing Thick MVNOs.
  • The beauty of CCN’s solution is there is no need for the MVNO or MVNE to have LTE or IMS engineering expertise. 
  • CCN’s solution provides “service differentiation as a service” with fully managed HSS, IMS applications and content delivery.


Thin to Think MVNO