CCN Carrier Breakout Optimization (CBO) Hub

Cirrus Core Networks’ Carrier Breakout Optimization (CBO) Hub provides Communication Service
Providers (CSPs) with a solution that reduces their roaming costs while improving their customers’
quality of experience.

Carrier Breakout is distinctly different from 3GPP Local Breakout. With Local Breakout the session
roams onto a visited network and is terminated to an IP network by the local visited network. With
Carrier Breakout the session roams onto a visited network but is terminated to an IP network by a
home carrier gateway located in or near the visited network. This provides some key advantages
for the home carrier.

Unlike the Local Breakout scenario, by using the CCN CBO Hub, the carrier does not have to pay
roaming fees to the visited network for the use of their PDN gateway. In contrast to the Home
Routed scenario, by using the CCN CBO Hub, the carrier doesn’t incur any of the resulting latency
when routing the traffic back to the carrier home network. The CBO Hub provides an excellent
compromise between Local Breakout and Home Routed roaming scenarios.
CCN’s CBO Hub not only supports LTE but 2G and 3G technology as well. It is also a fully virtualized
solution. It terminates traffic regionally through locally distributed core network elements,
reducing both network complexity and routing.

The CBO Hub – more than just reduced costs or reduced latency

CCN’s CBO Hub can act as a regional center for many other value-added services

Reduce Costs with Reduced Data

Traffic Optimization techniques reduce a CSPs roaming costs as they lower the throughput being
delivered to the roaming subscribers. The CCN CBO Hub offers the traffic optimization features
CSPs are looking for:

  • Transrating
  • Transcoding
  • Video Pacing
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
  • Content Caching

Regional Support for Multiple Networks

The CBO Hub can also act as a regional local breakout center capable of supporting multiple ‘out of
region home networks’ and multiple ‘in region visited networks’. For the ‘out of region home networks’
multiple PGW instances can be created so that each home network has its own fully controllable instance
of PGW in the regional breakout center.

Greater Control of Your Traffic

With CCN’s CBO Hub, the home carrier is able to maintain control of their subscribers’ session. If there
are defined policies for a particular type of session or subscriber, these policies can be maintained by the
Carrier Breakout gateway in coordination with the carrier’s home PCRF.

CCN’s Slice Selection Function (SSF) can be deployed at the CBO Hub, allowing for network slicing.
The SSF uses control plane and policy information to identify and steer traffic to specific gateways.
This network slicing allows the creation of multiple virtual networks on top of a shared physical infrastructure.

CCN will build and manage your network…while you build and manage your business.