Our Solutions

Our Solution: Simple, Flexible, Cost Effective and Feature Rich!


End to end Network as a Service (NaaS) solution: A flexibly managed (we say flexibly because we can do as much as you like or as little as you like) telecommunications core infrastructure service. CCN takes away the complexity of launching/operating next generation technologies, such as VoLTE, 4G/5G, etc., by assuming the business critical end to end management of the core network infrastructure. In addition, we offer older generation solutions to cost effectively replace end of life infrastructure. Our solutions are all NFV based and comprise the following nodes:

  • LTE packet core – vEPC (MME, PGW, SGW)
  • Next Generation services platform – vIMS with VoLTE/VoWiFi and PCRF
  • 3G packet core – SGSN/GGSN
  • Other nodes – DRA, ePDG, GMSC, SMSC, ENUM/DNS/AAA, …
  • Service Enablers – M2M/IoT, MVNO, Small Cell, Smart City, Public Safety, …
  • Applications (i.e., Unified Communications) and Content (i.e., Music on Demand)
  • Stratus®- CCN’s End to End OSS/BSS/MANO platform that includes orchestration, business analytics and flexible/configurable dashboard

How can you benefit?

If you are:

  • A new 4G/5G spectrum license holder
  • An Enterprise in an area with LTE unlicensed spectrum available (i.e., CBRS)
  • A small or regional MNO launching 4G/5G/IMS or need to replace end of life infrastructure
  • An MNO deploying small cells
  • An MNO with M2M/IOT traffic on your network
  • An MVNO or MVNE who wants to become a Thick MVNO

Cirrus Core Networks can accelerate your 4G and IMS roll outs and maximize your profit margins through:

  • Reducing the cost of deployment
  • Reducing the cost of overhead for the future
  • Eliminating the need for specialized expertise
  • Minimizing your CAPEX commitment

Cirrus Core Networks accomplishes this through:

  • Providing a flexibly managed solution for LTE packet core, IMS, VoLTE/VoWiFi, and more.
  • Solving financial and technical problems faced when deploying LTE and IMS networks.
  • Enabling a cost-effective build/operate service using disruptive technologies

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