Situational Analysis: This Use Case is for MNOs offering Internet of Things service. MNOs looking to separate and offload lower margin IoT traffic from very expensive traditional network resources and/or multi-national MNOs looking to share cross-border core network capabilities.


  • Need a minimal CAPEX and low OPEX solution that is both flexible and scalable in order to meet their needs.
  • MNO looking to separate and offload lower margin IoT traffic from expensive traditional network in a cost effective way
  • Multiple country MNO group looking to share cross-border core network to support multi-national IoT business
  • Require low cost, flexible, scalable solution

CCN Solution:

  • Our fully managed packet core that can be connected to existing eNodeBs virtually overnight and carrying traffic the next day.
  • Highly scalable to meet the immense projected growth of IoT.
  • Option to choose “try before you buy” or the fully managed service.

Bottom Line:

  • CCN’s IoT solution is the most cost effective and flexible service for MNOs in need of offloading IoT traffic.
  • Growth forecasts of IoT, nearly 300% over the next 5 years, are going to continually clog expensive LTE core network resources. This lower margin traffic can easily and seamlessly be offloaded to a separate core.
  • Either way, MNOs will realize low CAPEX and OPEX in a scalable quick TTM solution.


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